Nostalgic for Disaster?


All the crossovers in the tag now inspired me to do this. 

(P&R x NMTD)

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i’m waiting for someone to write epic meta on why the reason bucky is so popular with female fans is bc his storyline being about being stripped of agency and personal autonomy resonates particularly with female experiences

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*plays Anaconda on repeat at family barbecue*

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How complicated and unpredictable the machinery of life really is.
- Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle (via wordsnquotes)
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So far adulthood is just going grocery shopping, realizing you didn’t plan well or logically, going grocery shopping again, repeat ad infinitum. 0/10 stars, would not recommend

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do vampires just use their teeth to make a puncture wound and then suck, or are their fangs like a straw

i havent slept in three days

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The transition from 20 Dollar Nose Bleed to West Coast Smoker gives me life

And the charts are boring,
And the kids are snoring,
And the girl’s in a sling,
You say you’re not listening and I said I’m wishing
And I said… I SAID..
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Officially the best photo I’ve ever taken


Officially the best photo I’ve ever taken

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congratulations u won American Idol here is your pat on the back

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Alana Haim of haimtheband at fyffest


Alana Haim of haimtheband at fyffest

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